Clubhouse Dress Code & Cell Phone Policy

Proper club attire is required at all times at The Reserve Club. 

Permitted Clubhouse Attire

Casual attire for men and boys includes slacks (including denim), or Bermuda style shorts and a collared shirt.  All shirts should be tucked in unless designed to be worn untucked. 

Casual attire for women and girls includes slacks (including denim), golf length shorts, skirts and golf shirts.

All attire, including denim, must fit properly, be free of rips, stains, excess wear or fading and not expose undergarments. 

             Proper tennis attire is allowed in the existing dining room, bar area and sports lounge,
     but is not allowed in L'Attitudes

Prohibited Club Attire

               Gentlemen will remove their hats while indoors

               Gym, hiking or very short shorts, tee shirts, tank tops are prohibited  

               Golf shoes are prohibited in L’Attitudes and the new clubhouse expansion areas

Special Events Attire

The club will continue to offer events in which denim will not be permitted.  These events will require country club casual attire or in some cases a more formal attire. 

Cell phones must be turned off or put on silent or vibrate while in the Clubhouse, including the golf shop, locker rooms, restrooms, foyer, dining rooms, and bar areas. Should you receive a call please step outside of the clubhouse, so not to disturb other members.