A Social Membership allows the member to use the croquet and swimming facilities and the dining and other socially-oriented facilities provided at the clubhouse at The Reserve Club and to attend designated club-sponsored non-golf, non-tennis, and non-pickleball events held at the Club. A Social Member and each immediate family member are allowed to play golf up to four (4) times per calendar year upon payment of the applicable green fees and golf cart fees established by the Club. In addition, a Social Membership allows the use of the tennis and pickleball facilities upon payment of the applicable court fees established by the Club. A Social Membership only allows use of  the golf practice facilities in connection with playing a round of golf, unless an annual range plan is purchased at the Club. Social Membership allows a golf starting time, tennis court time and pickleball court time to be obtained only on a space available basis and no earlier than the day prior to the desired golf starting time or court time.